Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Headband Holder

I came up with this idea for a headband holder when I saw how many headbands my daughter had and how they were spread on the floor of her bedroom getting broken.
I started out with a a pvc pipe purchased at Home Depot for aprox. $6 and I had left over fabric from another project for my daughter's room. I purchased a small block of white wood for aprox. $3 and bolts and screws. My husband then drilled two holes in the pvc pipe and the block of wood. I just made a slip cover for the pvc and slipped it over, I then screwed the block of wood into the pipe to use as a stand. I then trimmed the the ends of the fabric with pinking shears to stop it from fraying. I then just tied the ends off with very small clear plastic elastics.

This is the final project, My daughter loves it and so does her friends.

This is what is looks like everyday. LOL I told you she had a lot of headbands.

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